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Learn from the #1 ranked speaker in the world for 2022, Cherie Eilertsen!

Iconic in your industry, Iconic as a business, a coach, a speaker, a personal brand. Host your own events, retreats, seminars, workshops and watch your business grow

Become An ICONIC Speaker, Coach & Entrepreneur.
Become The ICON That You're Meant To Be, Attract Your Dream Clients, Fill Your Own Rooms, Speak All Over The World, Put Yourself On The MAP & Get ON STAGE Both Online & Offline
Brought To you by Cherie Eilertsen & Ethan Donati
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Mantra On View

22 View Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

Wednesday 30th August

Registration Starts at 8:30am
Event ends at 5pm
Mantra on View
22 View Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
Wednesday 30th August
Event Starts @ 8:30am 
This is a full day event
What Iconic Speaker Is All About:
The best speakers in the world know a few secrets:

#1. Public Speaking is a science not a guessing game or a 'Ted Talk'

#2. Marketing is the engine that fuels the most successful & iconic speakers.

#3. There is a difference between being a polished speaker & an iconic one that can acquire clients from stage.

You need to know how to CLOSE FROM THE STAGE AND Fill Your Own Rooms, Get Butts In Seats!
I.e. Become a PLATFORM Speaker

 The new-age public speaking & marketing strategies you will learn here are just as important and can be applied to any business
  • ​See 'behind-the-curtain' and get the exact science behind the presentation that acquired over 80 new clients in under two hours
  •  The little known tactics that turned one simple event into a years worth of clients for a business owner who had NO experience in the speaking business!
  •  Why public speaking is actually the best strategy in the WORLD to grow any business and how you can best capitalise on this.
  • High Converting Funnel Secrets: The Step By Step Process To Making Your Funnel To Get Bums In Seats!
  •  Master Facebook Advertising & Fill Up Your Rooms With Your Ideal Audience: Advertising Not Only Reduces Costs It Brings New Customers Whenever You Need Them
  • ​The Art Of Running Paid Ads BUT Never Having To Pay For Advertising Again!
Why This Event Is Profoundly Different To Any Other Event You Have Attended
Why This Event Is Profoundly Different To Any Other Event You Have Attended
  •  It's Being Presented By Two Of The Most Successful Underground Speakers In The world - because NO ONE has to know who you are to make this work. Plus you'll hear from 'The Secret Weapon' who runs the marketing engine behind some of the biggest speakers in the world
  • ​A Very Unique, Unusual Approach To Using Marketing To Fill Up Your Events (These Strategies Will Give You A Full Room Of A Great Audience)
  • This Isn't Created For Broad Appeal, It's Only For Those Who Seriously Want To Explode Their Business & Be The ICON Of Their Industry
  • Neuromarketing: How Neuromarketing Can Help You Persuade Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime 
  • You'll be given the tools to speak all over the world. Once you're a speaker in front of your ideal audience you are instantly the authority and can replicate the process anywhere in the world.
2,500+ in Brisbane - produced & advertised by Ethan
Ethan Donati & David Goggins
3,200+ in Sydney - produced & advertised by Ethan
3,000+ people in Melbourne
Produced & advertised by Ethan
Free Seating Is Limited. Act now & you will get $297 worth of bonuses
What Being An Iconic Public Speaker Will Do For You...
When You Become An Iconic Speaker, You Send An Echo In The World

You create an echo...

A ripple effect that piles success upon success

Kind of like a snowball

In the Speaker world the Iconic Echo gets you more gigs, more opportunities, accomodation in fancy hotels & fancy restaurants 

In the business world...

You get invited to speak at events in front of big audiences

You get higher paying clients that respect what you do

You can charge more and attract the ideal client, not the tyre kickers

Your referrals increase exponentially & so does your business

You get people approaching YOU first

Don't just take it from us, take it from our results and clients we have worked with...
Learn from Cherie Eilertsen, flying in from South Africa to train you at this one day event.

Cherie is one of the most in demand, iconic speakers in the world. 

She resides in South Africa but is always on the go, being invited to travel internationally almost every other week.

Businesses rely on her to coach them to industry dominance, speakers rely on her to coach them to close on stage and now you get her for free LIVE in Australia. 

She has spoken alongside other icons such as Dr Phil, Mel Gibson, Brooke Shiels, Jessica Simpson & many many more.

Do not miss this opportunity.

Would you love to speak in front of audiences such as these?
Ethan filled the rooms, produced the event, spoke at it and sold... this is exactly what you will learn
500+ people in Sydney
Ethan Donati & Business Icon, Mark Bouris
500+ people in Brisbane
Do You Have What It Takes To Be Our Next Success Story?
Becoming An Iconic Public Speaker Is The Best Way To Grow Any Business - Coaching, Service, Online or Offline



The first step to monetisation is to create your funnel, the copywriting, the messaging, the PLAN.

Most people procrastinate and wait for the perfect opportunity or for the right 'website' or 'logo' you actually need NONE of that stuff with the right funnel



Now that you have an epic funnel it's time to run ads to it. Advertising requires creativity and also media buying skills on social media. I'll show you all of this.

Most people try to go cheap and do it all organically - newsflash, that isn't scaleable. You want REAL sustainable results you MUST master cold traffic (and very few ever do, giving you a massive advantage)



Now you've advertised and followed the process, you may have a very nice audience to present to. Like the ones you see on this page.

This is your time to shine. Here you make an offer, pitch and CLOSE on your high ticket offer (if you don't have one I'll show you how to create it from scratch in record time)

P.S. How Powerful Would Having An Audience This Size Be For You & Your Life?
 If You Only Knew How To Do This Every Single Time. Now You Will.

Who Is This Event For?
Men And Women Who Are:
Speakers who understand that they need to be SEEN to be HEARD

Iconic Speakers attract the right audience and have the crowd in palm of their hands
The coaches with the most amount of high paying clients are the coaches with a bullet proof strategy that brings them more leads and sales in bulk 

Coaches that are Iconic Speakers turn into the Authority in their industry and attract these clients more often
   Aspring Entrepreneurs
You know you deserve more than a normal job or maybe your business hasn't taken off just yet. I'll give you the little known platform speaking business model that has worked for my clients & myself all over the world
Entrepreneurs who want to scale their business with strategies that work in 2022. We cover the most up to date cutting edge material on Facebook, Tiktok & Instagram advertising + Funnel Building 
   Business Owners
If you have a business you need more clients to grow.

You'll be able to close more deals at higher price points, improve your negotiation skills & achieve massive growth with these methods. Doesn't matter what industry you are in once you get on stage you become the authority
   You are in a career where speaking is important
You'll need to be able to establish a connect, persuade and influence your colleagues & superiors. We'll show you all that and more!
"The best event I have been to!"
"I have never been to a talk where people actually come back after lunch & the room is still FULL!"
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Singapore July 9th
Malaysia August 8th
Los Angeles July 23rd
San Diego July 24th
Singapore August 6th
Kuala Lumpur July 11th
Cherie Will Make You An Iconic Speaker, Ethan Will Make Sure You Have An Audience To Speak To!
Even the best speaker in the world is nothing without an audience to speak to.

Check out some results Ethan has gotten for his clients below...
Ethan Is Endorsed By Successful Speakers, Coaches & Entrepreneurs All Over The World
" I Couldn't Sleep Last Night "
ReshVEEN RAJENDRAN, Singapore,
 director of buffet online university
" Do Whatever You Can To Meet This Guy. He will take your business to a-whole-nother level altogether"
“We went from 2x return to now getting over 10x return. Ethan is one of the best that I have worked with."
Louie pinto, Modern wealth academy
"​Last year alone his strategies helped me put over 10,000 people in rooms"
"He didn't JUST double it He EIGHT times'd it!
Karen, ceo Smart stays
"We have over 400 leads already, we have had to employee more staff to handle all of these leads. And our ad spend has never been lower!"
SAM, ceo aussie cryo
Les evans, Canada
""I've never seen someone get lower ad cost, higher conversions, so he is actually getting higher quality leads for less money"
Ruth, Singapore
"He Reduced My Ad Cost By OVER 50% Can You Believe It?"
Christyan, CEO LUxe Painting
Went from 1 employee to 6 at the time of video (he now has 10)
What You're Going To Learn In This Session Has Transformed Public Speakers & Entrepreneurs All Over The World.
Ethan will teach you exactly what he uses for clients all over the world and even running ads, funnels, copywriting & marketing that he has created for campaigns that included celebrities such as:
And MANY more...

Get a room full of highly qualified buyers that you educate, inspire and then make an offer.

It's the methodology that has stood the test of time as the NUMBER ONE  activity any entrepreneur, coach, author or speaker can make...

The issue is that barely ANYONE can put all the pieces together. 

It is very difficult for most people to get an audience. This is the key to scaling your business. Having the tools and systems to build your own audience whenever you want and wherever you want.

That's what you'll learn here, and for some of you that attend I'll even do it all for you.
Meet 'The Secret Weapon' Behind Some Of The World's Most Sought After Speakers & Entrepreneurs

Ethan has worked with...
Reshveen Rajendran
Adapt Or Die Featuring Mark Bouris
Produced By Ethan Donati
CK Charles. 
Events All Over The World 2k+ People.
The University Of Melbourne
The #1 Ranked University In Australia
Value Investing College
Sydney & Melbourne
Karen Fraser
South Africa's #1 AirBnB Educator
Yes, I'm Ready To Become An Iconic Public Speaker, Coach Or Business Owner
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Mantra On View
22 View Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
Date & Time
Wednesday 30th August

Time: Registration starts at 8:30am
Event starts at 9am sharp

This is a full day event and you will want to stay the entire time
Cherie Eilertsen is a Master Certified Business Coach, Sales Coach and Executive Coach.

She delivers fast paced, content packed presentations, with an absolute focus on delivering a relevant value adding message.

Cherie delivers presentations that jolt, question, disturb and motivate – they make you think and re-think everything you are doing in terms of your business and how your current profits are directly linked to the value you are currently adding.

Cherie takes business and bottom line seriously, and this is evidenced in her presentations – they are roller coaster rides of facts & figures, focusing on building revenues rather than overheads.

. She has been described as holding the attention of audiences varying from 200 – 5000 delegates with all the power of an inspirational evangelist.

Former Christian TV Show presenter, she then worked under contract to the SA Nedcor banking group for six years as a professional speaker & trainer and consultant, and addressed over 100 000 clients under this contract.

Cherie is the author of several property marketing books; she has also produced countless marketing videos, best selling audio cassettes, CD’s & DVD’s, and online presentations. Cherie launched a sales training club for sales people and the subscription grew to a min active membership of 14 000 businesses. Her Managers Training Academy attracted 180 subscribing companies.

Cherie worked extensively with the IIB, UK (Institute of Insurance Brokers) including keynote presentations and numerous "sold-out" National UK Training Road shows, featuring Cherie as the only speaker. Cherie was selected from a world wide stable of speakers to present the “Across the Millennium Predictive Study” across the UK, & commissioned by the UK financial services industry, as part of the millennium celebrations.

After part owning a bond origination company, she launched a property investment company that grew to almost 200 member offices throughout South Africa, with 26 000 investors, and achieving platform sales of over 5 billion in its first 5 years.

A blue chip client base of local and international companies & associates who book Cherie repeatedly is testimony to her prolific material & dynamic presentation style. Cherie presented for Schwarzkopf International, speaking after South Africa’s President FW de Klerk & walked away with the best Conference Speaker accolade. She has trained & coached tens of thousands of sales people, entrepreneurs and speakers.

Cherie has addressed the ILPA convention & the Multi Rand Forum. Cherie has been contracted in the UK by the IIB, Novell, Amey, General accident, Royal Sun Alliance, Bank Hall Associates amongst others, and was selected as the only key note speaker for the Canada Life Presidents’ Convention.

She continues to infect audiences internationally, with her enthusiasm, well researched presentations & cutting edge insights.

As a Master Certified Business Coach, Cherie has worked across the globe since 1997, often contracted to work in multiple countries on every overseas trip.

Coaching groups of 30 businesses at once, in more than 20 countries, over 4 day business interventions, Cherie received the highest accolades and is constantly the top sold Coach at every event.

She has shared the platform with Brooke Shields, Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas, Dr Phil, Jessica Simpson and Charlie Sheen, to name but a few celebrities.

Ethan is the CEO Of Million Dollar Funnels, Sold Out Seminars, an International Speaker, a TEDx speaker, a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author and a digital marketing authority. He has won two 2 Comma Club Awards for earning over 7 figures in one marketing campaign, including earning this in just 7 days. He also went on to & currently teaches at the University that once failed him as a student, the University Of Melbourne. He has taught neuromarketing, digital marketing and consumer behaviour.

His area of expertise is neuromarketing, human behaviour change and digital marketing implementation and this is what separates him from every other digital marketer and funnel builder. 

Ethan has shared the stage will global marketing icon, Gary Vaynerchuk, and run ads for, events with, or funnels for events with celebrities such as: Janine Allis, Turia Naomi Simson, Mark Bouris, Seth Godin, Eric Thomas & many many more.

He is seen as the go to marketer for personal brands and the top expert on filling rooms for speakers.

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