We're Excited To Welcome You To The Premiere Public Speaking & Marketing Event
Learn Public Speaking from the #1 speaker in the world, Cherie Eilertsen & how to fill up your rooms with the right audience by the top funnel builder & marketer for speakers, Ethan Donati.


Future dates for second half of the year released soon

Time: We will start at 9am each day and finish approx 6-7pm

Location revealed after purchase

Here's What You Get...

 A full 3 days of business transformation and implementation with the world's #1 public speaker and one of Australia's best speakers specialising in social media, business growth, advertising, marketing, funnels, neuromarketing & sales.

 The unique experience of getting into a state of mind to grow your speaking skills and business with laser focused attention!

 The network growth alone at a business owner-minded event like this is worth 10x the ticket price by itself...

 High converting presentation, funnel templates, ad templates, email templates, copywriting templates & more

 Q&A & Live Training Time

 Additional Resources & Templates

 High Converting Presentation Course Online

 Bring A Guest With You

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With over 145+ video testimonials in the first 6 months, there is a reason why we are the leaders in this space.

See them all here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzfkMqnZKH7vyc57xkaUSiYC0KRLA0n3X


If you don't love it after day 1, let us know and we will process a full refund


Who is the Iconic Speaker Accelerator event for? 
This event is for speakers, business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, real estate agents, authors and aspiring business owners around the world to come and feast upon the words, experiences, and skills of those that lead the industry in scaling and growing businesses offline and online.
What are the dates and where is it going to be?

Can I bring a spouse or business partner?
Absolutely we recommend bringing your business partner or spouse with you. 
Can I get a refund if I can’t attend the event?
We are not offering refunds of tickets. If you can no longer make it your ticket can be transferred to the next event or you can pass it on to a friend or colleague. The only refunds allowed are under the refund policy terms.
What is the money back guarantee policy?
It's simple! If you don't love it after day 1 let us know in writing and we will refund you 100%
What do I need to bring?
A smile, a good attitude, and a passion for getting your business and services out to the masses. The event will be jam-packed with some of the brightest minds in various  business backgrounds, so make sure to stock up on pens, paper, and something to keep you hydrated throughout the event so you don’t miss anything.
Have other questions?
Contact support at admin@mymilliondollarfunnels.com
What Others Say About This Iconic Speaker Event:
Highlight reel:

With over 110+ video testimonials in the first 4 months, there is a reason why we are the leaders in this space.

“Oh my gosh, it has been mind-blowing! I have walked out of this event with a full action plan I know what I want to teach, who I want to teach it to, how I want to help these people and change their lives. I am so grateful to both of these amazing people, I feel like they have changed my life and made me realise how I can change the life of so many other people too.'"
"Imagine spending 3 days with two people who can single handedly change your life. I've dived deep into my biggest fears of public speaking. The energy is like 'this is going to change your life' this is a whole new world for us! HUGE things have come from this"
"This event has blown my mind in the sense that what you thought was possible is only your thought process. You can achieve much much more. They are very reachable and authentic which makes this much easier. Come to this event you will not be disappointed"
"This event has been life changing. 2 Days ago I couldnt speak in front of a crowd. It's turned my life upside down. I feel like I've learnt more in these 3 days about myself than the last 33 years of my life. That's how life changing this event has been for me.
""they are so authentic. The message has taken me from a zero to hero mindset. Very much value for money, they are the most authentic human beings."

"I am on their cheer-squad now, and I am not normally like that with people. They walked us through everything and shared the trade secrets. It's second to none, can't rate it highly enough, no matter what you have to pay it's more than worth it"
"I have had an incredible 3 days. I came in unsure about who I am as a speaker & what i want to share with the world. I'm coming out inspired and clear on the value I can add. I feel so strongly about this event that I even brought my son on the 2nd day to experience this."
"When it first started I was jittery and frozen when they gave me the mic. The value I got of this was amazing it is priceless." 

"We're so thankful to be apart of it, for anyone thinking of joining we highly recommend it, it has changed our lives"
"I've been to a lot of conferences most people promise the world with no authenticity to back it up. I just did the Iconic Speaker event and that is definitely not the case! This is 5 star all the way. This is the place to come!"
"I'm very entertaining I know how to move people but I didn't know how to convert. This seminar I learned to unpack my value to charge higher rates and earn what I was worth. I have found future business partnerships here. If you don't know what to speak about, not getting paid enough, don't know how to close - this is for you"
"I did the event on my birthday. Best birthday present to myself. A very big thank you to Cherie & Ethan"
"I'm going away with a whole new identity for my business. Plus templates & structure. I am now more relaxed in front of camera and when speaking in public"
"This has given me the platform to not only speak my message but also package my message that will help impact my businesses moving forward."
"I have spent the last 3 days with two incredible people. I had no idea there were so many steps! The information has been transformational I can now go home with the templates and start implementing. Thank you very much!"
"The content is amazing. Ethan & Cherie are amazing. You can feel Cherie's energy before she steps into the room"
"I now have a wealth of knowledge and a really good idea of the business model I am going to build! Thank you very much!"
"I have been blown away by the experience we have had here. Cherie is a magician. I'm so proud to see a woman like her on the platform"
“The last 3 days coaching with Ethan have been absolutely AMAZING. Before I started I knew zero, and in 3 days I feel like I actually understand what marketing entails! Ethan's coaching style is really easy to follow."
"Wow... Ethan Donati remember that name, the guy's a genius. My mind is blown. I've been in marketing for 37 years, it's rare to find someone who can teach all these elements and implement it."
"I partake in a lot of events and most just take you to the carrot. Ethan literally gave everyone on there a whole freaking formula - I was surprised with how much of the HOW he gave us."
"​Ethan's 3 day Million Dollar Funnel event was truly ingenious. Even techy dinosaurs like myself could understand. I've got three A4 books that I took notes with. This workshop was truly priceless & transformational on so many levels."
"​I've spent tens of thousands of dollars wanting to move online. Ethan Donati is the only marketer who's made it all about implementation. I've learnt more in 2 days than I have in 7 years."
"I have learnt so much. The way you teach is easy to understand, you're patient, you answer questions & you get to everyone."
"These 3 days have been mind blowing. So many layers, so in depth, it was just really really awesome. I loved the atmosphere and how it was taught. All the support materials given made it easy. It was so generous and so authentic"
"​This event has far exceeded my expectations. I'm walking out ready to go to market, funnel is built, Facebook ad ready to go and my message is really clear. Ethan's style is very clear, relaxed, very patient. It's easy to understand."
"I am absolutely blown away by what you taught us. You break it down to simple steps. i absolutely recommend this event to others"
"Your Million Dollar Funnels event (which I stayed up all night for 10pm-6am) was worth every moment. It was so comprehensive. You clearly are the market leader in this arena."
"You shortened my learning curve by 5 years"

"I'm already getting leads"
"That was a LIFE CHANGING event"
"It's really hard to put into words & describe how much I've benefitted form this event. People really need to be a part of this to experience it themselves."
"​He didn't just talk about funnels, he actually showed us HOW to use them. I am blown away because I have been to many trainings before and never have been shown how to do this."
"Ethan's 3 day event is AMAZING. Very detailed, 8 hours a day. Mindblowing, it was an amazing experience. I highly recommend."
"They are so genuine and real. I have walked away from this 3 day intensive with the tools for me to now grow my business and take it to the next level. I can't recommend this enough. I am grateful to also get the VIP ticket."
"​I have to tell you, this was FANTASTICO! What an amazing experience it's something you won't regret, I 100% recommend it, it exceeded my expectations completely."
"It was like drinking from a firehose. So much information. I highly recommend any event with Ethan"
"Very informative and quite inspiring. The vibe was really high, everyone was very enthusiastic. I would highly recommend you work with them."
"​Let me tell you this, there is nothing like it in this industry. As a matter a fact, I think I hear a Million Dollar Funnel dropping"
"I have really enjoyed this 3 day intensive. Ethan really overdelivered. I feel so so blessed that I am learning from a real teacher."
"I've never come across a course so dense in information, implementation and valuable. Is it worth the dollars. ha! and then some."

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